There is definitely something in the DC water when it comes to crime fiction. Not satisfied with best selling crime writers such as Tom Clancey and George Pelecanos living in the District, DC also boasts Allison Leotta, ex federal prosecutor and author of a series of four novels based on


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by Cyntia Aranday   The humble taco has been a part of Mexican culture for a long time. As Mexico opened up to outside contact, the taco found its way to America and the rest of the world. Now the simple corn based staple has become irrevocably linked with Mexican culture, but with

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by Jon Lamoreaux   Have you heard that U2 recently launched their Songs of Innocence and Experience world tour?  What am I saying, of course you have. Everyone knows every move U2 ever makes. It’s a fortunate (or unfortunate depending on where you stand) byproduct of being The Biggest Band In The